Status of user-friendly Whitefox macros?

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Howdy - first time mechanical keyboard buyer and long-time Whitefox admirer.

I got my first Whitefox recently. Making basic key/layer changes works like a charm using the Configurator, but it seems you can't save even simple text macros, never mind advanced text + shortcut combinations.

Instead, it seems to you need to compile a whole bunch of source code yourself, something that has failed for me on both MacOS and Windows 10.

MacOS error:

[1/34] Generating KLL Layout

FAILED: generatedKeymap.h kll_defs.h generatedPixelmap.c

Windows Error (via Cygwin):

failed to create symbolic link

While no programmer, I'm script/bash/linux-savvy and have had plenty of experience compiling source for other projects. Despite following the instructions provided on the github wiki to the letter, I simply can't get the controller source to compile, so I can only assume it's broken/poorly documented/not thoroughly tested.

Question: Why is this so difficult, and why is it such a mission to save macros? Why has support not yet been built into the Configurator, despite "coming soon" for ages?

Macros are a major selling point of this keyboard, and I'm totally shocked that support for this feature is so far behind. Is there something I'm missing? Help me, fellas!

[UPDATE: 23/04/2018] I managed to get the source compiled on MacOS - a number of the paths referring to the cmake bin are incorrect, and Python3 needs to be explicitly used over Python2, which for most mac users means installing it first. Still needs to be a much more foolproof way of doing this :)

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Haha yeah, Python3. Python2 is being deprecated (no more security patches) in 2020 so macOS better get their act together, lol.

But yeah, I'm always looking for ways to make things more obvious (Cygwin is pretty much the worst...). Though the Linux subsystem for Windows 10 is no too bad.

HaaTa gravatar imageHaaTa ( 2018-04-23 21:59:28 -0500 )edit