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Determining Kira Firmware Version with Kiibohd Configurator

asked 2019-02-04 19:02:56 -0600

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Hello all!

I just received a Kira keyboard and love it. I installed the Kiibohd Configurator and updated the firmware. However, I would like to know what version I am currently running. I have been following the release schedule on Github and it looks like 0.5.4 was just released. I'd like to know if I'm up to date now and in the future. Does anyone know how I can get the firmware version information?

Thanks! Chris

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answered 2019-02-05 17:46:03 -0600

Currently there is no version display built into the configurator (it will likely be coming in v1.1).

To answer your question though, all builds Feb 5th and forward should be using the latest v0.5.4 as the base. You may need to click the "Layouts" dropdown and choose standard to get the new key bindings. Even with an old layout you will still get the bug fixes though.

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