How to access the different layers

asked 2019-05-04 06:02:49 -0500

GoldenLeg gravatar image

I must be blind or old or missing something completely. What is the key sequence I need to use to access:

  • layer 1
  • layer 2

Thanks in advance. Where in the manual is this stated?

Finally, I bought the Kira with the Hako Violet switches. So far, I am in love with this keyboard. It is the best keyboard I have ever had the pleasure to type on and use.

I found the manual here:

I have flashed the keyboard with the latest firmware. Thanks for making the flashing process super easy.

I want to reprogram function keys F1-F5 with commands to start/stop all animation on layer 1. That is my end goal. To be able to stop animation when I go to meetings, and then I can start it when I come back. Possibly even stop the underlight for the same reason. Does anyone recommend using a macro for this purpose?

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