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I can't get the backlights to work on new TrueFox

asked 2018-04-02 23:21:55 -0500

iakobou gravatar image

I added Layer 2 function buttons for toggling on/off LED; increase LED; and decrease LED. I can't get it to light up.

I took a keycap off, and I don't see LEDs. I got the TrueFox with Cherry MX Clears. I thought these keys were backlit. Am I mistaken or am I doing something wrong?

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answered 2018-04-03 10:43:36 -0500

HaaTa gravatar image

updated 2018-04-03 10:43:55 -0500

The recent orders of WhiteFox and NightFox keyboards (2017+) were not sold with LEDs installed.

To use backlighting with the with your TrueFox layout, you'll need to solder (or have someone help you solder) some LEDs into your keyboard.

We have a video describing how to do this:

If you haven't soldered before, I'd start by looking at our Recommended Soldering Products guide: (we are in the process of sourcing some through-hole LEDs on the Kono Store, but they are not ready yet; you'll want 2x3x4 mm through-hole LEDs, preferably square as they fit the most keycaps).

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