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Kira LEDs - Strange Behavior, Half Out

Wondering if this is a known issue with the Kira LEDs or if I am experiencing a strange bug...

Occasionally, about half of the LEDs on my Kira will just turn off. It appears to happen when my monitors go to sleep (but computer remains on), but it's difficult to peg exactly because I am usually not around when the issue occurs.

Once it occurs, the LED pattern looks something like this...

Kira LED Issue

Basically, the upper left diagonal LEDs turn off, but the lower right diagonal LEDs remain on and animated. Somewhere around the middle (looks like the LEDs in the ASDFGH row) are flashing green.

I have tried to update the Kira firmware, but it did not fix the issue. Additionally, turning the LEDs on/off doesn't do it, nor does really anything EXCEPT unplugging the Kira completely from USB, waiting 1-2 seconds, then plugging the keyboard back in.